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Retail Center Washing For Safety And Satisfaction


Power Stream USA LLC provides high-quality retail center washing for commercial property in the Salt Lake City area. We're known for our commercial pressure washing options, including building washing. Make an excellent first impression on shoppers and prospective retail tenants by keeping the facade of your center spotless.

Exterior surface cleaning can do wonders for removing accumulated grime and enhancing curb appeal. The trick is to make sure you hire the right team for the job. We're known for our dedication to excellence for all of our power washing work.

We promise that your shop will look as good as new after the initial retail center washing. With consistent, ongoing cleaning, you'll be able to maintain this impeccable appearance.

Storefront Washing & Exterior Surface Cleaning

Professional pressure washing for Salt Lake City businesses is integral for success. Attract new patrons and give your retail tenants a better chance to earn more significant revenue so they'll become long-term renters.

Retail center washing for storefronts and other exterior surfaces will also help keep conditions safe for visitors and employees. Keep sidewalks free from debris that can cause slip-and-fall accidents and liabilities.

Routine cleaning is also integral for promoting wellness with better sanitation. Show the community you care by ridding your property of bacteria and germs that can cause diseases.

Our strip mall washing helps eliminate the following:

  • Mold & Mildew
  • Food & Beverages
  • Algae & Moss
  • Cobwebs & Pest Nests
  • Dirt & Grime

Avoid attracting rodents and insects that result in infestations, and keep your customers and renters happy.

Strip Mall Pressure Washing

Power Stream USA LLC is there to provide top-notch cleaning and maintenance services. We're also committed to offering the best customer care around.

Our exterior cleaning creates an attractive, hygienic, and safe environment, making your property look as good as new. Competition is fierce, so make sure other plazas aren't winning more business than you or pulling in better retail occupants.

Schedule your retail center washing in Salt Lake City today with our crew. We're eager to show you firsthand why we're the top local choice for pressure washing.

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We have the experience you don't have! So leave the hard work to the pros.

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Our technicians are highly trained to do any job professionally, so you don't have to deal with amateurs.

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