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House washing

Typically if you do not pressure wash a vinyl-sided home regularly, with time, bright green algae will begin building up on the side of your home, making it stand out much more than your neighbor's house. That means you need Power Stream USA LLC, for regular house washing service in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.

Maybe the exterior of your home has brick, concrete, stucco, or block to contend with. If you do not maintain these porous surfaces they will start growing not only Algae but a substance known as efflorescence—the formation of a white powdery deposit in the surface of porous materials.

The good news is that you've now discovered the top local pressure washing for Salt Lake City resources. Whether you need standard pressure or low pressure washing for your house washing maintenance, we do it all.

Understanding The Value Of Professional House Washing

At Power Stream USA LLC, we take care of a wide variety of pressure washing services, from garages to swimming pools and more. One of the most widely requested services we provide is our house washing. An essential part of taking care of your home sweet home is keeping the exterior clean to help with:

  • Curb Appeal
  • Property Value
  • Remove Mold
  • Eradicate Algae
  • Prevent Rot

Your home is your biggest and more important investment, so make sure that you're treating it that way. The work we do will help make your home look as good as new again.

You'd be surprised how quickly dirt and grime begin to take a toll on the outside of your home - the longer that you wait, the more damage that will occur. We'll work with you to schedule regular exterior cleaning service and preventative maintenance.

Taking Your Exterior Material Into Consideration

At least once a year, make sure you're getting the exterior cleaning that your home needs. If your property has a lot of shade or it's been a particularly rainy year, you may need more frequent house washing.

And, depending on the material, you may need low pressure washing instead of power washing. The best thing you can do is hire a company that doesn't use the same cleaning method to take care of all exterior surfaces.

Vinyl and stucco need to be treated with more care than concrete and brick. For house washing in Salt Lake City from the team that cares, call our experts today.

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