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Safe But Effective Roof Cleaning For Your Salt Lake City Home

Roof cleaning

Power Stream USA LLC is the name to trust when you need professional services in Salt Lake City, such as roof cleaning. As the preferred local resource for pressure washing, it seems apparent that we'd be the go-to for jobs like roof and house washing. However, it would be best if you were careful about the company you choose for roof washing because not all cleaning companies take preventive measures for cleaning a rooftop.

Avoid working with so-called pros using the same techniques for cleaning your delicate asphalt shingles as your concrete sidewalk. We believe that your property deserves better and that you, the customer, deserve better.

We treat your property safely while still providing a thorough cleaning. Contact us today to learn more about our roof cleaning and how our techniques will benefit you. We look forward to showing you how we've become the number one choice in the area for premium pressure washing.

Why Soft Washing Works Better

Each job should be treated with the individual care it deserves. Your roofing system has a very important role to play in protecting your home. It's the first line of defense against the elements.

However, if it's neglected or not cared for properly, it can cause damage or even compromise the structural integrity of your roof. We use soft washing for our roof cleaning, which utilizes eco-friendly cleaning solutions to do the work instead of high PSI water spray.

So why is this better?

  • Soft washing won't pose a threat to the condition of your roof.
  • You won't have to worry about the possibility of water intrusion.
  • The cleaning solutions get into crevices that might otherwise be missed.
  • It won't tear at shingles or displace granules like power washing might.
  • The cleansers destroy growth at a molecular level, so it doesn't grow back.

Choose The Roof Washing Pros Who Care

At Power Stream USA LLC, your satisfaction is our top concern. We'll take excellent care of your home, so you feel confident about working with us.

Call us today to schedule roof cleaning in Salt Lake City. We go above and beyond to prove we're the best local company for exterior surface cleaning of all kinds.

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Experienced & Reliable

We have the experience you don't have! So leave the hard work to the pros.

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Our technicians are highly trained to do any job professionally, so you don't have to deal with amateurs.

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