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As a Cottonwood Heights homeowner, you know that the exterior of your home is the first line of defense against the elements. Professional pressure washing from experts like Power Stream USA LLC gives your home a fighting chance against dirt, grime, sun, and rain.

The better care you take of your Cottonwood Heights home and the exterior, the better service and protection it can provide for you. You'll get better performance and longevity from features like your siding and roofing by keeping it clean.

Exterior cleaning is a critical part of your home maintenance, and we want you to stay proactive about it. Schedule your power washing with our crew today and feel confident about the quality of cleaning your home will receive.

Parking Lot Cleaning Service To Enhance Your Cottonwood Heights Business

Imagine how much better your Cottonwood Heights business could be if you were taking care of parking lot cleaning. Yes, that's right - even your parking area needs regular maintenance.

Not just any cleaning will do, either. You need expert cleaning from our company so that your commercial property always looks its best.

Our parking lot cleaning improves your business by:

  • Helping you make a positive first impression with prospective customers
  • Demonstrating that you care about your business and customers
  • Boosting employee morale
  • Making conditions safer for guests and staff members
  • Removing contaminants that are harmful or spread disease

There isn't a single good reason not to schedule parking lot cleaning, so make the call to Power Stream USA LLC today.

Call Our Pros For Your Cottonwood Heights House Washing

Pressure washing comes in many different shapes and sizes. That means there's more than one approach to exterior cleanings, such as house washing.

Everyone assumes it's one process that involves high-pressured water through a nozzle. The home improvement retail market would have you believe that as they try to sell you DIY power washing equipment.

Leave the house washing to the trained and experienced pros who have the right equipment and use various cleaning methods. For instance, it's good to have our company clean your home because we'll use the proper technique for your home's feature that's being cleaned.

We use soft washing for your vinyl siding and pressure washing for your brick, instead of a cookie-cutter method for every surface. Now is the perfect time to call us and set up a time for a house or pressure washing for your Cottonwood Heights home.

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