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West Jordan homeowners are getting serious about curb appeal and keeping their home's exterior protected. You need our top-notch pressure washing because the Power Stream USA LLC team, takes this work line seriously.

We want you to realize how vital it is to keep your exterior looking its best. More importantly, your home's exterior has to be prepared to fight the good fight against dirt, grime, mold, pollen, algae, and more.

Pressure washing is a must when it comes to your routine for home improvement and upkeep. Make it a point to call today to schedule your power washing service and know that you're getting the best level of exterior cleaning from our crew.

Parking Lot Cleaning Will Impress Your West Jordan Customers

We want you to envision how your West Jordan business could look right now - if it were cleaner on the outside. When you think about exterior cleaning for your commercial property, does it include the parking area? More than likely, it's not something that you give much thought to. Unfortunately, it's the first thing your customers see, and that can be a problem.

Setting up parking lot cleaning as part of your regular commercial maintenance is crucial for your business and making conditions safer for your customers and staff. The parking lot cleaning service we provide can help you in ways you hadn't realized:

  • Create a healthier environment
  • Boost staff morale
  • Make a good first impression
  • Remove trip-and-fall hazards
  • Show you care about your business
  • Prevent rodent and insect infestation

The list goes on and doesn't include one good reason not to clean up your parking area. Do the right thing and contact Power Stream USA LLC today!

West Jordan's Top Choice For House Washing

Most people don't realize that there are different exterior cleaning methods, even though they all get labeled pressure washing. For instance, did you know that there's a difference between pressure and power washing, and it's about the water temperature?

Neither of these is the best way to clean more delicate surfaces - like roofing or vinyl siding. For these more fragile jobs, we use soft washing, so you still get effective cleaning without the risk of damaging your home.

All of this is why you mustn't hire the wrong company to handle your house washing. Too many companies still use the same cleaning technique for all of your surfaces, no matter the risk.

It's also why you mustn't make house washing a DIY job. Call us today for the best house washing service there is in West Jordan.

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