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Your Local Pressure Washing Company in Salt Lake City, UT

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Power Stream USA LLC is the leading industry specialist for pressure washing in Salt Lake City. When you want a spotless exterior - and who doesn't - it's time to call our pros in to handle the job.

No matter what type of surface you need to be cleaned, we'll safely and effectively carry out the process to leave your home looking as good as new. Although pressure washing is recommended annually for your Salt Lake City home, we at least suggest you have it done every few years.

Your home maintenance checklist needs to include power washing from a professional company. Otherwise, you'll end up with ugly stains and damage that was avoidable with regular cleaning from our experienced team.

Salt Lake City's Premier Parking Lot Cleaning Team

If you own a business in Salt Lake City, you realize you have a lot to take care of. Your responsibilities are significant, but hopefully, so is the reward.

Make sure that at the top of that list is parking lot cleaning. If you're not being diligent about keeping your parking area clean, you could be driving away business.

Your potential customers will be scared away when they pull into your dirty lot - that's the first impression they have of your company. This will likely send them straight to your competition.

Contact us today to arrange for regular parking lot cleaning, and take care of concerns like:

  • Weeds that cause cracks, and both of which pose a trip hazard.
  • Spilled soda or coffee, which creates a sticky mess for everyone to walk through.
  • Bacteria and germs that get tracked into cars, your business, and the homes of your clients.
  • Rodent excrement which can cause illness and disease.
  • Smelly sludge from your dumpsters that attracts rodents and frightens away customers.

Show your prospects that you care about them and your business by taking care of parking lot cleaning and other commercial cleaning tasks.

Superior Salt Lake City House Washing Service

Power Stream USA LLC is proud to be the crew locals trust with important jobs like house washing. How we clean your brick house and your neighbor's vinyl siding won't be the same, and you'll both be grateful for that.

Each project needs careful consideration. We choose our cleaning method based on the material we're working on. If you want to hire the company that cares, call us now for pressure washing for your Salt Lake City home or commercial property.

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